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A lot of denture wearers who are looking for easy ways to fix minor damage on their false teeth or dental prosthesis think that superglue is just the way to go.  For some reasons, sending the denture back to your dentist seems to be an inconvenient task and waiting for it to come back from the dental laboratories could take at least a couple of days.  Although there are dental clinics promising you to get the denture in repaired condition within a few hours, the usual case is that your dentist is not the one who will fix the denture and it is likely to be endorsed to their preferred dental technician.  If you are planning to go straight to the dental laboratories and have a dental technician immediately fix the dentures for you without paying your dentist’s fees then check your local state laws about this.

There are some states that prohibit dental technicians from directly doing business with denture wearers.  Some states have laws that regulate the conduct of business and profession of dental technicians and that they should deal with dentists and not dental patients.  We understand that some users would really like to get that extra savings from directly dealing with dental technicians but you do not have a choice if the law says so.  You might think that simply putting back fractured pieces with superglue is good enough to save you money but it can do more damage which can be irrepairable; hence the need for a new denture set instead.

Some articles online will show you how to use superglue to put the pieces back together but with a disclaimer: “Use superglue to fix dentures at your own risk.”  So how do you get dentures fixed especially for those minor cracks and chips without going to the dentist?  Although superglue is good in mending pieces back together the chemical content of some glues can melt the plastic material on the dental prosthesis.  A alternative to superglue is denture adhesive but this is not recommended as the results will be temporary and may make it hard for dental technicians to correct your mistakes.

Another alternative is a denture repair or relining kit.  Most of these kits contain resin-based materials and other dental tools that are used by dental professionals.  But in any case, you can try repairing the denture yourself only if a dentist appointment is impossible for the time being.  Mostly, denture wearers who travel a lot and who are located in remote areas of the world may benefit from having a denture repair kit for emergency purposes.

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